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“Our investment philosophy centers on value, not simply in terms of cost, but in the inherent quality of the real estate. We target properties with stable value and potential for appreciation, positioning ourselves to invest when they are most advantageous.”

Gabe Dean, CEO


A Real Estate Holding Company specializing in Storage, Campgrounds, and Multifamily Property Acquisitions


Great Lakes Land Holdings specializes in acquiring and managing a diversified portfolio of high-quality storage spaces, campgrounds, and multifamily properties, maintaining robust occupancy rates and fostering value growth through strategic investments.

At Great Lakes Land Holdings, our forward-thinking approach extends to both storage facility development and crafting RV park and campground destinations. We seamlessly blend market research with sustainable design principles to create state-of-the-art storage solutions that adapt to evolving community needs. Simultaneously, we cater to modern travelers, integrating amenities and natural beauty into our RV parks and campgrounds, transforming them into idyllic retreats for travelers seeking the great outdoors.

Our strategic management of storage facilities focuses on maximizing occupancy rates, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer satisfaction, ensuring Great Lakes Land Holdings remains synonymous with excellence in self-storage management.

At Great Lakes Land Holdings, we pride ourselves on precision manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled artisans create exceptional storage solutions, covered boat and RV storage, and tiny homes. We blend innovative design with sustainable practices to deliver high-quality, customized products that meet the unique needs of our clients. From eco-conscious construction to space-maximizing design, our manufacturing reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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